Toyota Takes The Wheel!

Driverless technology is becoming less and less impossible with every passing day. The Toyota Research Institute (TRI) released a video demonstrating how its Autonomous Vehicle Platform 2.1 works. It demonstrates a fully automated Chauffeur mode; where the vehicle is in complete control of driving itself, and Guardian mode; where the driver operates the vehicle themselves and the platform aids and assists to protect the driver and their passengers. Check out the video below to learn about the self-driving car technology starting to be incorporated into new Toyota vehicles.

Although it may still be a couple of years away, Toyota's driverless technology is continuing to be tested and improved to keep making it safer and more intuitive for the driving experience. As drivers however, our role in the car is quite secure, which is lucky for us! Toyota vehicles are incredibly exciting to own and drive, and they hold up their value very well through the duration of their lifetime! Toyota's driverless platform is designed to take an already enjoyable and safe driving experience and make it ever safer. You and your car have never been more in touch as you work together towards your destination.

Toyota vehicles are advanced, stylish, and priced to compete! Come look at our inventory at Johnstons Toyota and take a test drive of a new Toyota vehicle! This new technology and innovation for Toyota vehicles has our team very excited, and we'd love to see you drive your new Toyota off our lot today!

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