Drive Clean Rebate For Electric Cars

Not only are electric cars cleaner, but they are fun to drive, save money on fuel, and need less maintenance than gas or diesel cars. That's why Governor Andrew M. Cuomo's Charge NY initiative is offering electric car buyers the Drive Clean Rebate of up to $2,000 for new purchases, If you are a New York State resident looking for a new car, it's a great time to buy an electric car that qualifies for the rebate.


How the Rebate Works

Taking advantage of the rebate is easy: simply purchase a qualifying electric car from a participating dealer and the rebate will be applied directly to reduce the price of the car, 

With more than 30 electric car models to choose from, and an ever-expanding fueling network of 1,600+ charging stations across New York State, there's no better time than now to go electric. 

Why Buy Electric

The technology-rich experience that an electric car presents is hard to beat. Electric cars deliver fast and smooth acceleration, they are quiet, and they offer an unmatched level of responsiveness. 

Electric cars also save time and money. Electric motors don't need oil changes, so they require less maintenance than conventional gas cars. Electric car owners make fewer or no trips to the gas station.

Drive Clean Rebate Eligible Cars

Cars can be powered in several different ways, from gasoline to electric batteries and a spectrum of choices in between. Both types of the plug-in electric cars, which consist of the plug-in hybrid and the battery-powered car, and eligible for the Drive Clean Rebate. In general, plug-in cars can  have a much longer battery -only range when compared to a conventional hybrid car.

How are Electric Cars Fueled?

Electric car drivers have various options available to plug in and charge the car's batteries. For the majority of users, all charging needs can be fulfilled at home. if you have a battery-powered car, that means no more trips to the gas station. 

The most basic charger is a standard home outlet. Simply plug in the electric car adapter provided by the manufacturer, and your car will charge. Faster residential charging stations can optionally be purchased from local retailers and installed by qualified electricians in garages or outdoors. 

Standard Home Outlet
Rapid Home Charger
Outside Charging Stations

If you drive regularly each day, you can plug your car in overnight adn it will be ready by morning. It takes about 10-20 hours to charge a fully depleted battery, and less to top off.

If you drive multiple times a day, this type of charger heps ensure that your care is ready for each outing. A full charge takes 3-6 hours, but a 1-2 hour top-off may be all you need.

Why not plan a longer road trip by taking advantage of public chargers, or conveniently top off while you shop or work? Charging apps can help you find convenient locations
Top 5 Reasons to Consider an Electric Car

1. Exhilarating
Electric cars deliver fast and smooth acceleration. For pickup that is intuitive and responsive to the driver, the electric car can't be beat.

2. Captivating
Electric cars offer a technology-rich experience. Whether it's to preheat your car without garage emissions, or to turn up the bass on your speakers without engine distortions, electric cars are at the cutting edge of comfort.

3. Satisfying
Electric cars keep saving you time and money, because you'll take fewer or no trips to the gas station. Electric motors also don't need oil changes, so they require less maintenance than conventional gas-powered cars.

4. Inspiring
By driving a clean car, you help drive towards a cleaner future. Transportation still accounts for 42% of NYS' greenhouse gas emissions today, so each electric car that replaces a gas vehicle will make a positive difference.

5. Rewarding
With the Drive Clean Rebate, you can get a point-of-sale rebate of up to $2,000 on your new electric car. Combine that with a Federal Tax Credit of up to $7,500, and it's a very rewarding time to be an electric car owner.

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